Living the Life Divine

“Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace.” That beautiful prayer perfectly expresses the most heartfelt desire of every child of God. Doing God’s work is our highest purpose, our true spiritual mission. But how can we FULFILL that mission? By learning to live a life in which God DIRECTS, and we DO. In that Life Divine, guided by the unseen hand of heaven, we follow Divine impulse; we deliver “God’s mail” to people; we transmit Divine blessings. That graceful cooperation between Creator and creature IS our ultimate spiritual destiny.

In this article, we will consider how to actually LIVE that Life Divine. First, let’s deeply consider the basics.

Without a doubt, the real Life Divine, the truly inspired spiritual life, is GOD’S life — lived THROUGH human agents on earth. God literally depends on human beings — people like us — to deliver His mail and distribute His gifts of love, comfort, reassurance, healing. Our part is to act not JUST in accord with His will in a general sense, but ALSO under His present and specific guidance. Specifically, our part may be described as follows:

• Convey God’s Love TO those God picks out for us.

• Move immediately with the spirit wind. And,

• Deliver God’s mail INTACT (that is, in the spirit in which it was given — WITHOUT personal concern, impurity, or modification).

Such is the life of cooperation between man and God. In that life, we TRULY “let go and let God.” To live His Way, we must get our ego stuff — hyper-control, pride, selfishness, attachment, etc. — out of the way. Then we must follow the Divine impulse FAITHFULLY — in every sense of that word.


• With confidence (confidence in the unerring quality of God’s direction, and confidence in our ability to do what He tells us).

• Consistently, reliably (without refusal or delay).

• True to the original (without modification or distortion; without deviating from God’s inspiration in any way).

All three meanings are essential, but the last one deserves special attention.

The responsibility for high-fidelity transmission

You know the saying, “It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.” How we should do God’s work is God’s business, not ours. To live the Life Divine, we must do it GOD’S way, not OUR way. No one can cooperate effectively with God otherwise.

With every Divine prompting, God provides not only the WHAT, but also the HOW. In each instance, God knows exactly what to do, and exactly how best to do it. And God’s HOW is subtle. Sublime details — subtle nuances of tone, perfect timing, Godly intentions — these factors make God’s suggestions work marvelously. His guidance, if FAITHFULLY followed, is perfect — unerring.

Consequently, when it comes to Divine guidance, God is perfectly clear and strong on the HOW factor. Yes, indeed! He doesn’t just give the impulse to pat someone on the back for Him — He also provides the tenderness, and the healing energy to give that little pat WITH. And isn’t it OBVIOUS that a pat delivered God’s Way is a particularly healing pat? That Divine HOW is PRECISELY what gives His pat on the back such marvelous healing power. Of course!

Now you know why, when it comes to following Divine inspiration — or delivering God’s mail — we must do it God’s Way, EXACTLY. Only if God’s promptings are followed AS IS — without modification — can they be expected to work as God intends. Therefore, though this admonition seems daunting at first, we can’t overemphasize this fact:

When it comes to doing God’s bidding, changing the nature
or tone of the proposed action — in any way — is an error.

The mailman has no right to re-write the letter he conveys. The delivery person has no business modifying the gift. So let it be with God’s “mail.” Even withholding part of the ENERGY of God’s action is an error. After all, God knows that both love and energy are required for healing. Therefore, once again:

To do it God’s way — exactly — is the ONLY way
to deliver God’s mail properly.    

Who died and left you — or me, or ancient scriptures — boss?

Now you know exactly why the Life Divine can never be lived effectively as a matter of rote formula or mere behavioral patterns. Humans can write down and commit to memory ANY idea or theory of right living, but God — the living God — has the last Word. The last Word of God can’t be found in an ancient scripture, because God is still alive and kicking, and He has not finished speaking. Moreover, He is not merely elsewhere; He is right here, right now. So, He can easily address the situations at hand — and He DOES. In His infinite and exquisitely context-sensitive wisdom, He addresses the immediate conditions and meets the personal needs of His audience, individually, in real time. That’s why Divine Rightness is not just right on the surface: it’s deeply right, through and through.

So, again: God’s last Word is His PRESENT Word, His present guidance — whispered in your ear, right now. It’s the word of the still small voice. THAT Word is the ultimate in rightness, in appropriate action, in healing power. Receive God’s counsel fresh, and serve it while it’s hot.

Relevance is time-specific, case specific:

If the question is how to live a Godly Life, the answer is as follows:

1. Listen for God’s PRESENT instructions.
2. Do what God tells you to do — AND
3. Do it exactly the WAY He tells you to do it — insofar as humanly possible, of course. (We know this third point sounds like it’s not a separate point from the second one, but when you see how important it is, and how much there is to say about it, this distinction will make sense to you.)

This is an excerpt from the article “The Way of Undoing” published on:

To read about the author click here.

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